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We organise lotteries

We, the team, are young, creative marketing specialists with more than 12 years of experience in organising lotteries of various scales in Latvia and throughout the Baltics.

We provide a full cycle of lottery organisation, from the idea proposal and development of lottery rules to the organisation of prize draws and awarding of winners.

Lotteries are an effective marketing tool for product promotion that helps customers achieve their business goals:

  • Palielini pārdošanas apjomus

    Increase sales volumes

  • Apbalvo esošos klientus

    Reward existing customers

  • Piesaisti jaunus klientus

    Attract new customers

  • Virzi jaunu produktu tirgū

    Promote new products in the market

  • Veido klientu datubāzi

    Create a customer database

  • Papildus izvietojums tirdzniecības vietās

    Additional placement at points of sale

People like to participate in lotteries and win prizes. The unique nature of lotteries appeals to both existing and new buyers, providing a sense of positive, intriguing experience and a call for immediate action.

We organise competitions



  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Creative campaigns
  • Knowledge-based campaigns
  • Motivational campaigns
  • Database collection campaigns
  • Opinion collection campaigns

No permit number required.
Legal entities can participate.
There is no age limit.

Range of services provided by us

Our many years of experience allow us to offer the best solutions for the successful and productive progress of the lottery. In order to achieve the most effective lottery results, we offer each client wishing to organise a lottery campaign: an individual solution; operational communication; recommendations on how to make the lottery as interesting and engaging as possible for participants.


Determining the purpose and model of the lottery


Choosing the most suitable prize fund


Development and coordination of lottery documentation with the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspection


Development of IT solutions for the lottery


Convenient, technically complete www and sms registration unique for each lottery


Registration monitoring


Filtering rogue participants and fraudulent data


Prize draw using an automated mechanism


Notification of winners


Prize distribution


Post-documentation preparation and archiving in accordance with the Cabinet Regulation


Generation of lottery protocols

SMS lottery

SMS lottery is a type of lottery that allows participants to participate in the lottery by sending an SMS with certain content from a mobile phone, according to the lottery rules.

For SMS lotteries, the rules may be different, but most often participants must send a receipt number or a specific code found on the product packaging, thereby registering for the lottery. One of the most exciting types of SMS lotteries is, for example, “instant win” campaigns, when, after sending the code, the participant can immediately make sure of whether they have won a prize.

  • allows participants to register for the lottery in just a few seconds from anywhere;
  • serves as a great product or brand advertisement;
  • helps lottery organisers to follow the registration process in real time and obtain data in electronic format on the activity statistics of participants.

WEB lottery

WEB lottery is a type of lottery that allows participants to participate in the lottery by visiting a certain website and performing actions according to the lottery rules.

The rules for WEB lotteries may vary, but most often participants must register for free on the lottery website. In many cases, WEB lotteries are organised together with SMS lotteries, combining both databases and providing a common lottery mechanism, which is especially relevant, for example, when determining the winners according to the principle that each Nth participant wins the prize. Or according to the principle of a specific day, specific time, specific number of prizes.

  • allows participants to conveniently and simply register for the lottery in just a few seconds;
  • provides easy access to information about lottery rules and winners;
  • serves as a great place where lottery participants can learn more about the respective campaign product through descriptions, galleries and other information;
  • helps lottery organisers to follow the registration process in real time and obtain data in electronic format on the activity statistics of participants.

Instant lottery

If a quantitative prize fund is planned, then organising of an instant lottery campaign is recommended. The advantages of such an activity are the principle “participate and get a prize right away!” On the other hand, it should be taken into account that it will be difficult to obtain real statistics after such a campaign.

  • free registration process;
  • high efficiency when organising together with consultations or tastings in stores;
  • increase in the volume of purchase of lottery products;
  • an effective marketing tool in store chains outside Riga, where shoppers tend to have limited access to the internet or the ability to send SMS.

In order to organise as successful, popular and effective lottery as possible, we recommend paying attention to some important factors.

Excellent campaign

To ensure that buyers are interested in the lottery, we recommend developing a thoughtful and detailed lottery campaign that should be effectively presented to the customers. Pleasant web page design, attractive and clearly worded advertising slogan, provision of advertising materials at points of sale - these are just a few ideas worth looking at when preparing a lottery campaign.

The right prize

One of the main aspects of increasing the interest of buyers is an attractive prize fund. Successfully selected prizes appropriate for the target audience help to attract more participants. At the time when large variety of lotteries are organised, surprise your customers with a chance to win interesting prizes!

Handy product

The more successfully the chosen lottery product is advertised, the greater the chance of the lottery getting better results. Be creative and attract customers' attention with promo campaigns in stores, tastings, promoters, price discounts, special offers, 2+1, 3+2 product sets, etc.!

Detailed rules

Clearly formulated, unambiguous, easy-to-understand and as concise as possible rules of the lottery - another step towards high lottery results. The less misunderstandings, the less room for failure. When organising a lottery in Latvia, we recommend creating rules in two languages as well as ensuring their availability on the website and in the form of booklets in the store on the store shelf.

Publish your lottery is the only specialised lottery portal in Latvia, which we have created as an easy-to-understand, interactive environment for both lottery organisers and their participants, in order to promote current lotteries in Latvia and facilitate attracting lottery participants.

Addresses an audience of 60,000 interested ones

The portal is a virtual meeting place for lottery organisers and lottery participants. By placing information about the lottery in the portal, you get:

  • publicity on the home page of the portal;
  • active links to the lottery promo page;
  • placement of product description and lottery rules;
  • participant registration possibility;
  • creation of customer database;
  • an increase in the number of lottery participants;
  • additional advertising opportunities.

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